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Veterans Value Initiative – Veterans

The Veterans Value Initiative reconnects veterans to the civilian workforce by translating the skills and qualifications gained during active duty into jobs in construction, energy, health care, IT and Tech Related and manufacturing.

This program is available to veterans of the U.S. armed forces who have not received a dishonorable discharge and who are receiving unemployment compensation benefits or who have exhausted unemployment compensation benefits (PA CareerLink® staff will determine final eligibility).

While work-based learning can come in various forms (on-the-job training or pre-apprenticeship training), it means trainees get paid while they learn and will have a job when the training is complete. This program is free for qualifying veterans and is being funded through a grant from the PA Department of Labor and Industry. The program is underway and concludes June 30, 2017.

Veterans interested in participating should visit the Downtown or Forest Hills offices of PA CareerLink Pittsburgh/Allegheny County to get enrolled and get to work. A team of Veterans Value Initiative specialists are ready to serve you from Monday through Friday at either location.