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Success Stories

Success StoriesAug 4, 2017

More than 450 job seekers connected with representatives of regional businesses during third annual Career Awareness and Jobs Fair.

Success StoriesApr 21, 2017

TechHire Pittsburgh coding trainees recently participated in Steel City CodeFest 5.0, a week-long annual competition that brings together tech, government and nonprofits to solve social and civic challenges. 

Success StoriesApr 4, 2017

Partner4Work and its partners continue to help connect the region's unemployed and underemployed with opportunity. Learn more about what's been happening with 40Kfor40K.

Success StoriesMar 29, 2017

Calvin Beck and Eric Edmondson are reaching new heights in their careers following a professional roofing training program delivered by Burns & Scalo in partnership with Partner4Work.

Success StoriesFeb 23, 2017

PA CareerLink® Pittsburgh/Allegheny County and Carnegie Library partner to bring career services to library patrons through new initiative.

Success StoriesJan 9, 2017

“They’ve got to know that we care because we truly do. We believe in them even before they can believe in themselves.”  ~ Terrie Suica-Reed, Founder & CEO of PHASE 4 Learning Center, Inc.

Success StoriesDec 29, 2016

"I never really thought about college, but now I am," Ninti Jackson, Smart Horizons student.

Success StoriesDec 21, 2016

There’s strength in numbers. That's why members of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s construction industry have joined forces with Partner4Work to create a mutually beneficial collaboration through an industry partnership.

Success StoriesDec 5, 2016

TechHire Pittsburgh connects to a national strategy to expand the local tech sector by building a strong talent pipeline.

Success StoriesNov 18, 2016

There’s no erasing the past, but a recent change in Pennsylvania law — and a helping hand from Partner4Work — could help some people overcome past transgressions when it comes to finding employment.

Success StoriesOct 20, 2016

“There are 17 kids sitting in high school now who know they can pass a college class. How aspirational must that be, and what a sharpened vision it will give them in high school knowing this is already out there waiting for them and that they can do it.” ~ Steve MacIsaac, Neighborhood Learning Alliance