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There are many ways you can be a Partner4Work

From talking to a young person about your job to hiring a job seeker with a barrier to employment, there's something everyone can do to help the region's unemployed and underemployed get to work.

Make a difference.

  • Share your career stories
  • Give a job seeker a ride to a job interview
  • Volunteer to watch a child while a parent interviews for a job
  • Be a interview coach
  • Spread the word about a job in your company
  • Encourage a friend to complete college
  • Donate a bus pass
  • Hire a refugee
  • Commit to making your workforce more diverse
  • Donate professional clothing and shoes to Dress for Success
  • Talk to us about your hiring needs
  • Help someone study for a GED
  • Learn about the local labor market through research reports
  • Donate unwanted computers
  • Let a young person shadow you at work
  • Start an apprenticeship
  • Participate in round-table discussions.
  • Hire a veteran
  • Create more flexible HR policies
  • Sponsor career exploration opportunities
  • Participate in Take Your Child to Work Day
  • Help attract new jobs to the region
  • Take a chance on a job seeker with little experience
  • Post your job openings in the public system
  • Advise training opportunities
  • Commit to making the workforce more diverse ... 

What are your ideas? How will you Partner4Work?