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Sectoral Partnerships

Sectoral Partnerships, which involve companies and organizations that share common products, needs, and challenges, are an important part of Partner4Work's catalog. By working with businesses, colleges, trade schools, community organizations, and economic development agencies, Partner4Work choreographs these partnerships to achieve the following:

  • Close specific skills and training gaps
  • Promote employer-informed credentials and career pathways
  • Create training programs for the next generation workforce
  • Expand personnel pipelines to untapped pools of talent and into underserved communities
  • Keep employers informed on recent labor market and economic trends

With Sectoral Partnerships, Patrner4Work ensures that public workforce initiatives serve the needs of the region's employers and job seekers, thereby benefitting the regional economy as a whole. As the leader in workforce development in the region, Partner4Work continues to drive the process forward—with the goals of finding and training talent, encouraging diversity, and helping businesses to grow and be successful.