Pittsburgh Works

For Employers

What Pittsburgh Works brings to employers

Why Pittsburgh Works? Because it makes connections that make sense to bridge the gap between people looking for work and employers looking for talent.

This video shows how the Pittsburgh Works network helped Julie Booth and Jack Scalo of the Scalo Companies solve its talent needs.

Access to Talent

Through Pittsburgh Works, employers have access to a qualified, diverse labor pool of thousands from across Allegheny County. Through an aligned continuum of workforce development providers that use evidence-based tools to screen, assess, and match job seekers, Pittsburgh Works is able to effectively and efficiently match job seekers with employers – resulting in higher retention rates and lower turn-over.

Watch the video below to learn more about how one of our tools, WorkKeys, can benefit your organization.

Pittsburgh Works Employer Talks! Series

Each session in the Employer Talks! series brings together community-based organizations with the hiring departments from several of our region's key employers to create a shared understanding of recruiting practices.

The Pittsburgh Works Employer Talks! series is held quarterly. If you wish to participate in an upcoming session, please contact us at