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Press ReleasesJan 26, 2017

Partner4Work, formerly 3 Rivers WIB, launches campaign to help connect the region’s 40,000 unemployed and underemployed with jobs

PITTSBURGH (Jan. 26, 2017) — Partner4Work (formerly 3 Rivers Workforce Investment Board) proudly announces a year-long campaign to help connect the region’s unemployed and underemployed with jobs.

“On any given day, 40,000 people in our region are unemployed or unemployed,” said Stefani Pashman, Partner4Work CEO. “Their struggle to find or keep employment doesn’t just impact them. It has real consequences on families, on communities, and on the overall economic health of the region.

“It’s time to step up and help change the story for the men and women who want a solid career. It’s time for all of us to commit to making a difference.”

Called 40,000 for 40,000, the campaign calls on the region’s business community, community organizations, workforce and economic development agencies, educators and training providers, the philanthropic community, elected officials and policy-makers to commit to helping people get to work by any number of ways.

“There is no shortage of ways people can be a partner for work,” Pashman said. “From something as simple as talking about your job with a young person, to committing to hiring a job seeker with a barrier to employment, every one of us can do something to help.”

According to labor market data, of the region’s unemployed and underemployed:

  • 55 percent are men
  • 9 percent are 24 years old or younger; 26 percent are older than 55
  • 12 percent hold less than a high school diploma; 5 percent hold at least a master’s degree
  • 39 percent are minority
  • 7 percent are veterans
  • 6 percent have prior criminal offenses

These individuals bring a wide range of skills and experiences to businesses seeking a skilled workforce.

“While there are many in our region who are doing exceedingly well and benefiting from the growth here, we know that there are many more who are unemployed or underemployed,” said County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. “By working cooperatively and collaboratively, as we always have, we can make a real impact by matching those who are in search of jobs with the many available positions in our region.”

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto lauded the collaborative effort to get the region’s people to work.

"We are excited to collaborate with Partner4Work and other community stakeholders to provide the people in Pittsburgh access to quality employment opportunities, Peduto said. “We are committed to making our city livable for all. A thriving, sustainable workforce is a necessity for our region."

More information about the campaign, stories from the job seekers, and ways to help can be found at www.partner4work.org/40000-partners-wanted. 

“Change ultimately begins with one. One person, one organization, one action can change the story for the region,” Pashman said. “Let’s get to work.

CONTACT: Jen Pajewski, jpajewski@partner4work.org, (412) 552-7090.

About Partner4Work

Nationally recognized for innovation, Partner4Work delivers workforce solutions for Pittsburgh and Allegheny County to ensure the current and future needs of businesses and job seekers are met. As stewards of more than $20 million in public and private workforce funds, Partner4Work oversees and funds workforce programs for adults, dislocated workers and youth; educates the community through robust labor market analytics; and implements innovative solutions to the region's systemic workforce challenges. Partner4Work bridges the gap between people looking for work and companies in need of talent. More information is available at www.partner4work.org.