Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learn & Earn?

Learn and Earn is a six-week summer job program for teens and young adults ages 14-21 in the Pittsburgh region. Participants have the opportunity to earn money, gain valuable work experience, and develop soft skills to help them become college and career ready.

Learn and Earn is made possible through a partnership between Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, and Partner4Work with support from local foundations.

What are the dates of Learn & Earn?

Young people who are selected will work from June 26, 2017, through August 4, 2017. Orientation begins the week of June 19.

Who can apply?

The application is open to Allegheny County and/or City of Pittsburgh residents who will be at least 14, and no older than 21 year old, as of June 19, 2017, and who meet program income requirements. See the FAQ sheet for income guidelines.

When and where can I apply?

The application period opens Monday, April 10 and closes on June 3, 2017.

The online application can be found at Multiple Application Support Centers will be available throughout the community where you can gain access to computers and knowledgeable staff who can help you with your application. Application support sites can be found at our "Need Help?" page.

How much can I earn?

Pay rates vary according to the type of job offered. Most youth will earn $7.25/hour, the federal minimum wage. Youth who are selected for the competitive Corporate Internship Program will earn $8.50/hour.

How many hours can I work?

Youth can work as many as 25 hours per week, Monday through Friday, for a maximum of 150 hours during the summer. Actual work hours may vary by job.

How does the program work?

Participants selected for Learn and Earn will be matched with a local community organization known as a “provider.” Providers handle enrollment, training, and payroll. They also work with each youth throughout the summer to ensure a successful work experience. Some providers hire youth to work at their location, while others partner with local businesses to serve as work sites.

How are applicants matched with jobs?

If you’re selected, we will do our best to match you with a provider that offers jobs in your geographic area. If you are eligible and all positions are filled, we will place you on our waiting list and will contact you if a position becomes available.

What kinds of jobs are available?

Too many to list! Past participants have planted urban gardens, organized summer camp activities, produced documentaries, conducted research, performed office work, and much more. More than 350 business and non-profits hosted youth workers in 2016. We strive to provide jobs that correspond with growing occupations in the Pittsburgh area, such as Information Technology, Education, Health Care, Trades, and Community Development.

Can I choose my job or provider?

We can’t guarantee a specific provider or job opportunity, but we’ll do our best to make a great match! The Learn & Earn application asks you to list your top career interests as well as any provider preferences you may have.

View the list of 2017 Program Providers.

What required documentation must I have to apply?

Applications must be submitted with the required documentation or will be considered ineligible. 

For youth ages 14-17, a WORK PERMIT is required ONLY if selected for participation in the program. The Work Permit is NOT REQUIRED for the application. 

Please note that PROOF OF ADDRESS and PROOF OF INCOME must be updated each year of application.

*Proof of Address MUST BE DATED 10/10/2016 OR LATER  (Youth report card or school record* OR home utility bill OR current lease OR postmarked mail with applicant's name and address OR Department of Public Welfare printout. Address verification must be dated within the last six months)

*Proof of Income MUST BE DATED 10/10/2016 OR LATER  (Most recent pay stub of parent or guardian or head of household with date and year-to-date amount* OR public assistance printout of public assistance notification OR food stamp printout OR SSI Letter of Notification of Benefits OR Unemployment Compensation Determination Letter OR letter from a social service agency or other institution describing the applicant's living arrangements and income OR statement of income or income eligibility determination from a public or government agency.

*Proof of age (Birth Certificate or Driver's License/State-Issued ID OR Alien Registration Card OR Valid U.S. Passport OR Baptismal Certificate.)

*Proof of Social Security (Social Security Card OR signed printout from Social Security Office)

*Proof of Citizenship/Alien Status (Valid U.S. Birth Certificate  OR U.S. Passport OR Alien Registration Card OR Certificate of Naturalization)

Males age 18 and older must be registered with Selective Service. All applicants must meet age, income, U.S. citizenship, and residency requirements, and provide verification of various application items.

Resume Required if you select Corporate Internship as one of the Learning Goal Priorities in questions 34, 35, or 36.

Click to learn more and download information on income eligibility and work permits

If you are having difficulty obtaining the documents needed to apply, please contact the Learn & Earn office at (412) 932-2950 or

* Denotes required documentation