Pittsburgh Works

Employer Engagement

Resources to help build employer engagement 

Employer Engagement Toolkit

Includes several handouts that can be adapted - These handouts help explain the benefits of providers' programs and the benefits of hiring out of employment programs. The toolkit also has links to resources for providers to use to expand their reach to employers. One section is specifically marked for youth programs.

Expanding Business Engagement 

This website includes information about Sector Strategies Peer-Learning groups that occur several times a year. There are also sections on social media and job fair resources. Finally, there is a training section with modules that teach employer engagement.

Employer Engagement Guide

This guide includes suggestions such as tapping into chambers of commerce/trade organizations to network and meet employers; ways to get in front of businesses' committees where you might meet people who aren't the usual workforce development contacts. The guide has tips for how to craft an elevator pitch speech and develop an employer relationship mapping tool.